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Right relationship is not about “being nice.” It is not about “meeting in the middle” with those who violate our trust. Compromise and cooperation are great: they are useful tools – but not always the right tools for the task before us… Continue reading

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A Miscellaneous Collection of Impractical Things

Somehow it got to be March while I was doing things other than updating the blog. That happens a lot now. I have not been idle. I have been occupied with an assortment of things – feeding my soul through … Continue reading

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Uggh. Can it be January now please?

The days are short. The nights are cold and long. Family and church and school all demand pieces of my time. Today I feel like I have accomplished NOTHING of the thousand and ten things I ought to have already … Continue reading

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Another turn of the wheel

It is again the darkening end of the darkening quarter of the year. I live on the southeast face of a steep hill and by three-thirty in the afternoon the sun is down in the trees, slipping behind the houses … Continue reading

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I lift my eyes

I lift my eyes to the hills, and whisper a prayer to whatever might be listening. For the Canadian town still burning from an oil train derailment, for the missing and the homeless and the dead. For the commercial aircraft … Continue reading

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Faith and Finance

So I’m trying to do this financial paperwork, and it’s making me crazier than I was already. Part of the problem is that I’m going from having an income and modest expenses, now, to having no income and an income’s … Continue reading

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