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October again.

It does this every year, you know. October, I mean. Somehow without my turning the crank the summer goes from green to golden to a glorious flash of red and orange and then scatters on the wind, leaving the naked fingers of the maples pointing accusingly at the sky.

Every year.
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Shark-jumping and other noble efforts

I did not plan to leave the blog idle this year. Oh well. Things happened. Lots of things, actually. I’m waiting for Leonard Nimoy to step out from around the corner with a neatly trimmed beard to clue me in … Continue reading

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Year in Review: 2016

It is the day when I sit down and write that I am not sure whether I want to write a year in review post, and then I do it anyway. It has been, and will be, always and already, … Continue reading

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God’s butterknife

There’s a well-worn story that circulates in the spring time, often around Mothers’ Day: A woman is doing some minor household repair, assembling flat-pack furniture or something – maybe she’s at a friend’s house, helping the friend move – and … Continue reading

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Out of the Deep

Out of the deep Have I called unto Thee, O Lord — Lord, hear my voice! Psalm 130:1-2a tr. from Requiem, John Rutter The first snow fell this week. So did the second snow, and that has stuck, and the … Continue reading

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Right relationship is not about “being nice.” It is not about “meeting in the middle” with those who violate our trust. Compromise and cooperation are great: they are useful tools – but not always the right tools for the task before us… Continue reading

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As We Go Into the Night

It is more than a bit after sunset on Monday, the evening before the 2016 US presidential election. Early voting has been open in my jurisdiction for a week or so, I think; I will be heading to the polls … Continue reading

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