Another turn of the wheel

It is again the darkening end of the darkening quarter of the year. I live on the southeast face of a steep hill and by three-thirty in the afternoon the sun is down in the trees, slipping behind the houses on the crest of the hill above me. By four-thirty it is all but dark, a thin rainbow ribbon along the southern horizon and the empty winter sky above. It has gotten cold this week, single digit Farenheit cold, and the wind was starting to pick up today. We will get snow this weekend, the only question is exactly where and how much.

I have been flat out crazy busy and there is so much to be done that I despair of accomplishing enough of it. But I have to keep at it. I will be exhausted before I get to Chicago in January and that is the start, not the end, of the intensive course work for the term. There is a paper yet to be researched as well as written. There is a project to be researched and prepared. There are countless books yet unread and notes that need to be taken, or typed up and reflected upon and submitted for review.

But I did get my CPE application written and sent this week. And a big meeting and little meeting and a personal non-church-related appointment and my community site hours.

So there are small accomplishments (really? The CPE app is a major accomplishment.)

I think tomorrow the most important things to do will be to fold the laundry I washed three days ago, which is still wadded up in the laundry basket, and to sit in silent prayer for as long as it takes. My soul is frayed around the edges and, like the clothes draped over the bedroom door, wants mending.

Here is a reflection from this time last year:

Bare tree branches and house roofs dark against the early evening sky, gradient from pale gold at the horizon to deep blue above. A few house lights shine pale gold in the shadows.

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