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Right relationship is not about “being nice.” It is not about “meeting in the middle” with those who violate our trust. Compromise and cooperation are great: they are useful tools – but not always the right tools for the task before us… Continue reading

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As We Go Into the Night

It is more than a bit after sunset on Monday, the evening before the 2016 US presidential election. Early voting has been open in my jurisdiction for a week or so, I think; I will be heading to the polls … Continue reading

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When someone is wrong on the internet…

I exercised considerable restraint and decorum this weekend not getting into an argument on Facebook.

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Not again.

I haven’t got anything to say about this week’s shootings – the school in Connecticut just this morning, and a few days ago the mall in Oregon that I used to shop at from time to time. I imagine that … Continue reading

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Drive-By Posting

Not sure what is in the water up here right now, but not only does Marriage Equality go into effect about a week earlier than people expected it would take, but State employees are actually getting early release on Christmas … Continue reading

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Without mercy there is no justice

Another headline this week reminded me that I’d intended, when the story first broke two weeks ago, to go into more reflection on the interplay of justice and mercy, in light of the situation playing out in the local courts. … Continue reading

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The morning after

Like so many people I was awake far too late into the night, had a sleepless internet moment, and then got up early this morning to check results of the US election. I am more relieved than anything else – … Continue reading

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