This page is an incomplete and erratically curated list of people and places I may have been reading the last time I updated it. There is so much abundance in the world of the internet. Go find something interesting and tell me about it here.

Professional Unitarian Universalists
Blogs written by UU clergy

Boots and Blessings (J. F. Crawford)
Finding Our Way Home (Myke Johnson)
The Lively Tradition (Tom Schade)
PeaceBang (Rev. Dr. Victoria Weinstein)

The Future of our Movement
UU Seminarians

Raising Faith

The Christian Tradition
Clergy and lay people from a variety of theological perspectives, with whom I can find common ground or at least a respectful conversation

Slacktivist (Fred Clark)
“Test everything; hold fast to what is good.”
When Loves Comes To Town
“Personal reflections on faith, popular culture and real life”
Experimental Theology
The thoughts, articles and essays of Richard Beck
leave it lay where Jesus flang it
the personal blog of an Episcopal priest serving in rural South Dakota

Miscellaneous Interesting Conversations
Making Light
“We all think our readers are the best thing about this weblog. If you’re not reading the comments, you’re missing half the fun.”
Beauty Tips For Ministers
“Because you’re in the public eye, and God knows you need to look good.”


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