June Already

I went four months again without blogging. Oops.

These things happen. My purposeful reflection – and my writing time and my personal energy – have been tied up in a mix of transitional things: finishing my last semester of seminary, winding up my parish internship, picking up extra hours as a per-diem chaplain at my former CPE site…

About graduation. It is very strange not to be in seminary any more, especially as not much has changed, at least superficially. But I am now in possession of a very expensive piece of paper that proclaims me a “Master of Divinity.” I do not believe it for an instant; I have mastered nothing. I am a rank apprentice and will ever be. I refer to it as my certificate of professional cat-herding. That, at least, is plausible.

Or maybe “Master of Divinity” means simply that I can document basic proficiency in lingering on the edge of not having a blessed clue what is going to happen next, or what on earth I am doing there, or why any of this is happening, and being more or less okay with being nose-to-amorphous-ambiguity with the Great Mystery. That is, maybe, also plausible.

I am curious to find out what happens next.

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