Shark-jumping and other noble efforts

I did not plan to leave the blog idle this year. Oh well. Things happened.

Lots of things, actually.

I’m waiting for Leonard Nimoy to step out from around the corner with a neatly trimmed beard to clue me in to the screenwriters’ plot twist that I’ve somehow meandered into an alternate universe where the ordinary rules no longer apply.

Seriously, though. Where do I even start with this? It’s like one of those serial dramas where if you miss part of a season suddenly nothing makes any sense, and yet if you’ve been watching all along you can look back and see how it ended up with the President of the United States equivocating about a mob of torch-wielding nazis in polo shirts somehow being equivalent (more or less) to people advocating for justice and equality (and against oppressive systems, of which we are in one.)

You can. Not. Make this shit up anymore. Can. Not.

So. Neofascist takeover of the US government looks like this, apparently. Now what?

Keep doing the work, I guess. What else is there to do?

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