Drive by posting : Re-entry

When I got back from Chicago this week the day-lilies were almost over, but the heat wasn’t (and isn’t yet.) I am caught in the balance of catching up with the mundane things I put on hold in mid-June, and the juggling of new things that have accumulated since then: family, art, study, deadlines.

I have been thinking a lot about performance, in a lot of intersecting ways: performing arts, particularly music and theatre, in the context of a class I just took on improv in ministry; and also performance in the evaluative sense sense of results produced relative to effort expended; and also performance in the sense of conforming (or not conforming) to social constructs like gender and racial identity.

We use the same word for these ideas. To what degree and in what manner are they similar? Is my performance of a (white, professional-class) feminine gender role identity – or is it art (or at least artifice?) Does the answer depend on how much fun I am having with it in a particular moment? Or does it depend on how (and by whom) my performance is being evaluated, and to what end?

No answers today, just heat and humidity and questions and ice cream. I want to blog something substantial but I have around 20 pp worth of assigned papers to write in the next couple of weeks so blogging will have to wait.

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