Drive by posting: General Assembly

I promise I have a half written blog post that I did not finish before heading out to General Assembly two days ago. (I think it was two days ago. Only two days ago? The days are long and full and blur together at the edges.) 

Today I am in Portland, Oregon and I have coffee and marriage equality.

It is something to celebrate. It is a victory.  Pause, cheer, love.

It is not a place to stop. The work of equality and justice is not finished.  For people living in states with discriminatory laws unrelated to marriage – those who can be fired from jobs or denied custody of children because of their sexual orientation or gender presentation – the work is not yet done.  For LGBTQ people of color, the work is not yet done. For economically disadvantaged people of all colors and genders and abilities, the work is not yet done.

Today, we celebrate one step.  Tonight, tomorrow, for the rest of our lives, the work continues. 

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