Drive-By Posting

It seemed like a good idea at the time, back when I scheduled myself to lead worship two consecutive Sundays in the gap between the end of the spring semester and the start of the CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) program I am enrolled in for this summer. I’ve never done worship twice in a row, I said. I should try that.

So. One worship service done, one worship service yet to create, add some correspondence and an article for the church news letter, a couple of meetings and a holiday, and somewhere between now and Sunday I need to make time to revise a paper I thought I was done with several weeks ago, and the reader may well imagine why blogging has been sparse.

It will continue to be so through the summer. I start CPE on Tuesday, and I expect not to be writing much about it for public consumption for a complex variety of intersecting reasons. And because I am pressed for time, I will direct you to Karen Johnston’s recent reflection on beginning CPE, where she has already written pretty much everything I would otherwise say on the subject.

I will be back.

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