Drive By Posting

It is a clear, bright spring day – not quite as warm as yesterday, but I am okay with that, because I have not yet gotten around to hauling up my summer clothes from the basement. The perennials are starting to come back, or not, after the long winter and now it is time to get out the pruners and cut back the parts that did not survive (and in some cases, rearrange the parts that did.)

But neither the yard work nor the blog post I have in the pipeline are going to be addressed right now. The tiny table I am using for a desk is stacked three deep with hymnals, books of poetry, and no less than three different Bibles as I work at assembling a worship service for Sunday – and then do it again for the following week.

I did not remember having this many Bibles in the house.
Nor would I have imagined, a year ago, riffling impatiently through them looking for “that thing I read that one time, now where was it,” that would be perfect to use in a worship service.

This is what life looks like now.

You can’t make this stuff up.

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