Notes from Chicago

So I really was going to post every five days this month and we can all see how well that has happened.  

Last Saturday I flew back to Chicago for spring intensives.  It is good to see my community again, but I am also noticing the subtle shifting and re-forming of that community: meeting a few new people (including a prospective student who received her email of acceptance while a group of us were heading out to dinner) and missing a few familiar ones who are elsewhere for one reason or another.  This community is not one solid granite boulder, an unchanging impervious monolith, but more like a beach of agate pebbles, tumbled by the waves in an infinitely changing mosaic of color and sound.  

The weather is fitfully approaching spring.  Vespers last night included a nod to the spring equinox today.  It’s been above freezing the last couple of days, and it also snowed this morning: big fluffy flakes floating down and disappearing on contact with the sidewalks.  

I almost walked off with somebody else’s winter coat this evening.  Why should there be two long black wool coats in the same closet?  Fortunately my victim had perplexing pocket junk that wasn’t my perplexing pocket junk, so the case of the purloined peacoat ended on page zero.  And I have dug out my silly blingy scarf pin and pinned it to my lapel, so that tomorrow I will not accidentally borrow the wrong coat. 

One more day of class, four one-page reflections and a final paper, and I will be done with this week’s Hebrew Scripture class.  Next week is Introduction to Pastoral Ministry and a 7-to-10 page paper that I need to revise before it’s due on Monday.  And I ought to do laundry some time this weekend. 

And so it goes.

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