Drive By Posting

The moon is full. I have unfinished homework due tomorrow. Meadville-Lombard intensives are called “intensive” for a very good reason. All the things, all the things.

    An abbreviated list:

  • Chicago in January is not as cold as I thought.
  • Except when you step out from behind a building and the wind cuts through everything you have on including your skin and flesh and bone, right down to your freeze-dried little soul-sicle.
  • Except for indoors, which is about ten degrees warmer than it needs to be, pretty much everywhere (almost as bad as air conditioning in a New Orleans summer)
  • I love my people and my community
  • I have usually got no idea what is supposed to be going on
  • I have been to more worship services since I got here than I usually do in a month and am surprised at how okay that is.
  • There are a lot of places to eat in Chicago, and a lot of good people to eat with.
  • I really need to find time to call that friend from high school who lives here – but I have no idea when that is going to happen
  • Art museum this week.
  • Possible theatre next week if that happens (waiting to find out whether there were tickets left).
  • Lots of joy, lots of work, a fair amount of meltdown.

Life is good. Two more weeks to go.

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