Year in Review: 2013

So this, like all those before, has been the first year of the rest of my life.

In January I was fretting about getting my seminary application written, and being wistful about not making more music, and sent a short letter to a handful of close friends about my spiritual quest.

In February I was fretting about getting my seminary application complete and submitted, and about how to “come out” to my office, and making a little art to soothe my broken soul.

In March I accepted admission to seminary, freaked out about that, made a lot of music for Easter, and followed a divine whisper to go buy cheap pants.

April included a family health emergency, beginning to disentangle myself from my old job, making my first connections to the online UU seminarians’ community, and a whole lot of panicky stressful paperwork.

In May I announced to my home church that I would be starting seminary in the fall.

In June I got really excited about General Assembly, even though I wasn’t able to attend. Still haven’t attended a GA. Maybe 2015…

In July I painted the bathroom yellow while Spouse was on vacation.

August included leading my second worship service, ever, and ended with my first trip to Chicago for fall convocation, with the forging of new connections and a broken toe.

September was made of crazy as I finished up my last weeks with the State while starting up my first term of school, trying to keep up with reading and conference calls and writing the packet for my career assessment.

October started with a trip to Boston for career assessment, then another trip to Boston for the awesome CGUUS conference, with the gaps full of church music and church work.

November and December have been eaten by school, and holidays, and inclement weather.

Some things have not changed: I have not yet mastered the art of getting things started long enough before the deadline to not be rushed at the end. I am fretting about things I need to have written. I am conscious of my own wounded spirit but don’t quite know how to tend it. Surely there is somewhere an instruction manual for this? I don’t have time to reinvent care of the soul.

I am late. It is time to make a phone call and put on some pants and get to work.

Welcome to the rest of my life.

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