Unpacking CGUUS

This past weekend I was down in Boston at the inaugural CGUUS conference.  I had hemmed and hawed awhile over whether I was going to attend, finally registered, and spent the week wondering if it was going to be a good idea to make my second trip to Boston in as many weeks.

It was.

I did not know I needed to do this but I needed to do this. Seeing classmates I met in August, meeting people I’ve only known over the internet and folks I did not know at all – I am not a social butterfly by any stretch of the imagination but there are things in my life right now that do not make sense to anyone who has not entered this process of being disassembled and rebuilt from the foundations of the soul. You can’t explain it unless you have been there. And it is a comfort and a delight to dip into an environment where that is the local norm and does not need to be explained.

And I learned practical things about the Boston transit system and about my own limits in an intense conference type environment (I need to schedule down time!) and I want so desperately to be able to capture the theology workshop(s) we had with Rev. Thandeka but it is going to take me years to unfold and digest that stuff. Powerful. Dense. Things I do not quite comprehend but which glitter there on the edge of understanding like the glimpses I had into advanced mathematics back in the day. Just a glimpse of the thought or science that details and describes things I have kind of a vague intuitive sense ought to be that way.

The holy mystery that fills the gaps and spaces. Liminal conditions and transitional states. The passion that whispers when reason steps aside. Between-ness and boundaries.



I have no idea what just happened but it so definitely needed to.

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