Loose Ends and Tangled Beginnings

This weekend is, I think, the first point in over a month that I haven’t had some pressing deadline bearing down on me for one thing or another. It is strange and delicious. I still have deadlines approaching, mind you, but I can’t think of anything that I need to be working at right exactly now. What did I do with this luscious free day? Slept, mostly. Woke up, fed the cats, had a nap, had leftover pizza for breakfast, had ANOTHER nap… I have been shorting myself on sleep the last few weeks, trying to get everything done on time, and this lazy Saturday has done something to make good on the debt.

Oh, and I unpacked the most recent box of books that showed up this week. I can’t remember what classes these were for. I’m going to have to go look them up. And reorganize my bookshelves so I don’t have to keep moving the things back and forth between “blocking the closet door” and “piled on the bed.” I forgot how much space school takes up.

This coming week is my last week at my full time job. There are just not enough hours in the week to work full time and study full time too; I gave notice earlier this month. I’m anxious about money, but right now my waking hours are worth more than what I have been earning. I’m anxious about health insurance, hoping I can quickly get picked up on Spouse’s plan. and I will miss the people I work with, but not really the work I have been doing. Word is getting around that I’m leaving; after almost six years I’ve been in there longer than many, and of course people ask what I’m doing next. I tell them school. Some ask where, or for what, and when I tell them that, either they give me odd looks and quickly change the subject – which I find a little amusing – or they get excited and talk at me about whatever church-related thing they can think of. So far I’ve heard that I need Jesus and should go church shopping (!?), that organized religion is the cause of everything that’s wrong with the world, that the Catholic church needs to modern up real soon now, and that’s just in the last three days.

I am becoming Other. I sort of knew this was going to happen at some point, but I didn’t expect it to start happening just yet.

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