August Already

It happens every year about this time: I flip over the calendar page (yes, I still use a paper calendar) and it is August Already. When did this happen? I am not ready for it to be this time of year again.

The upstairs bathroom is in Banana Creme Pie disarray. Painting is taking longer than planned due to wet weather and having to re-do parts of the wall after some more unplanned and unscheduled patch work. But the light fixture that has been broken for years is being upgraded, and we will no longer have duct tape and plastic wrap over the plumbing access hatch, and eventually all the trim work is going to be painted white and it will look like civilized people live here, in that one room at least.

I am trying to find the hours between now and deadlines to get done everything I would or wanted to do this summer. Slow progress has been happening on several fronts but I have not yet learned to focus when there is more than one thing running.

I’m trying to enjoy the grand adventure of it all without mucking anything up too badly. There is the travel coming at the end of the month (three weeks!) and I need to decide whether any of the old suitcases down cellar will suffice (the small one hasn’t got wheels on it, the large one is an enormous old hardside that probably won’t fit into the luggage locker at the hostel where I am staying this time.) I am considering whether to buy a flight case I can take carry-on. It’s only four days this time, but I will be making the same trip for nearly a month in January, so I will eventually need big luggage that can be wrangled on public transit… So much to think about. Technology, luggage, what to bring, what do I want versus what do I really need? Lots of unknowns. Wrestling with my own insecurity and the fear of not doing everything perfectly right on the first attempt.

And that is the fodder for my sermon coming up the week before I leave – which I also need to be writing this month. Egads, why did I think that was a good idea? But I said I would do it and I am excited about doing it and the only thing is, now, I have two weeks to get this together and next weekend is booked up with family visiting from out of town… I know more or less what I need to say, but I need to make the time to write it out so I don’t go waaaay off track, you know?

I really think I am not going to have time to keep a day job through all of this. It would be financially cautious, but I am just not sure it is going to work.

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