Getting to work

I posted the following to FaceBook this morning, but I wanted to put it over here too.

I dreamed I was going to work. I put on my hard helmet and heavy boots and picked up my tools, strapped on a harness and began to lower myself into a dimly lit shaft. I got down to the level where I expected to be working, a broad flat mine, moved away from the hole and with pick in hand started looking for something to do, humming a familiar song: “You load sixteen tons, and whaddya get? Another day older and deeper in debt…” But the foreman showed up and told me there wasn’t anything left to do there. I looked around and the broad, low-ceilinged space was nearly empty. I agreed, and went back into the tiny hole to the next level.

It was a big fabric store built in a parking garage like space – the same shape as the mine, but lit with greenish fluorescent fixtures and full of bright colored bolts of fabric on tables. A few people milled around. I was supposed to work here. I hung my pick back on my tool belt and began to wander around, following the others to an open space where a white board was hanging on a partition. There was writing all over it where earlier people had answered the question at the top: What is your job? A man ahead of me picked up a marker and wrote something on the board. Then it was my turn. I picked a bright red marker, found a blank space off to the side, and wrote “LOVE THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD.”

I like having the luxury of silence first thing in the morning so I can wake slowly and record my dreams. I don’t usually get to do this – Spouse is an early riser and after eight years still has not learned that just because I’m conscious doesn’t mean I’m ready to be interacted with yet. It makes trying to establish a practice of morning prayer, or meditation, or dream journaling, or any of the other ways to put spiritual practice first thing into the day, particularly difficult. I may never get him trained. But I can appreciate weeks like this when he is off on his own vacation, and I can wake up and write in silence.

Some baby step things appear to be coming together, which is good; that still leaves some bigger things that have been pending awhile and are yet unfinished.

And I got a wild hair to redecorate the bathroom this week while Spouse isn’t home. Yesterday, moved stuff. Today, plaster repair. Maybe tomorrow will be primer. After I vacuum up all the cat hair and corner cruft.

Not enough hours in the week!

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