Got Nothing To Say

I want it to have been a quiet week; what it really has been is a week of me not paying close attention to the world and all the screaming things in it.

I want to have been more engaged. I want to have been more invested in the outcomes of the things that have made headlines this week. But I got nothing to say. I am not even doing very well at engaging the powerful things other people have written elsewhere.

This chapter of the big story is one where the madness of injustice erupts to the surface like so much fire burning underground finding a vent to flame up through. Not seeing it doesn’t make it not there, but it lets some of us ignore it, some of the time, until it flares up again and we wonder where the heck that came from this time, not grasping that it was burning under there all along.

So it goes.

I got nothing.

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