Must be my turn…

The internet is quiet; must be my turn to be the content generator.

I am not feeling very generous with my content.

It’s been hot the last few days, and humid, a combination that always leads me into lethargic grumpiness. There is so much that wants to be done and I am ill inclined to address any of it. Okay, not true, I did wash some laundry today, and Thursday I cleaned about five pounds of paper (mostly orders of service and church announcements!) out of my bulging handbag. But where is all the inspiration that will not leave me alone when I am trying to focus on my day job?

I am a mess. A bit jealous of my seminary classmates who have had the luxury of starting classes this summer instead of waiting for the fall term – not that I begrudge anyone that, just that I so badly want some too and am getting impatient. But there is work to be done before then, work I am avoiding: the front garden is a jungle, but it’s too hot and muggy to be out there right now; I’m struggling to clarify my thoughts for the worship service I am leading later this summer, and the great looming pile of preparatory paperwork for the Career Assessment I’ve scheduled in the fall is, well, looming.

I keep asking whatever made me think this was a good idea?

But I know.

When it calls you, you go.

Even if it seems like the call must surely have been a wrong number.

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