Wheels are slowly turning

Wheels are slowly turning. I want to be excited about some progress on a thing that’s been worrying me, but to do so in public would be a little premature at this point. So, mysterious little SQUEE!

In its place I have another thing that appeared to be settled but isn’t quite, which is troublesome, and again it’s a situation where details don’t belong in public. It is of the financial if-then-else-maybe variety, and has the potential to impact whether I am able to leave work this fall for full time study. I very much want to immerse myself in this new thing altogether – I am not able right now to give full attention to either of my “jobs” and it’s frustrating. I feel like I’m stuck and staying in my current work isn’t helping. But we need the money.

We’ve had a lot of unpleasant weather lately, either hot and muggy or chilly and damp – neither one is friendly to my asthmatic lungs. I still forget from time to time that I’m not supposed to be breathless and cranky all the time; when I remember that this isn’t actually normal, no matter how normal it feels, it usually turns out that I’ve missed one of my meds. You would imagine after almost two years of being able to breathe regularly that I would be accustomed to the regimen, but I am spacey and forget. I need to be more rigorous about this, really. It makes a world of difference. This is the body I live in, and this is the way it works.

We have no big plans for the holiday tomorrow, just laundry and throwing some hot dogs and burgers on the grill. I don’t mind a quiet day. I need some contemplation time but that’s hard to manage when Spouse is home and awake.

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