There’s something happening here…

…but, as the song says, what it is, ain’t exactly clear.

A busy week later and I’m finally starting to come down from the contact high I got from online GA last weekend. Next year in Providence, maybe – or not, since if all goes according to plan I would expect to be up to my eyeballs in CPE at that point. I might be able to register just for the weekend, swap shifts around to get the whole weekend off, and make a marathon road trip for a day and a half of General Assembly. But that’s a long way off. A lot of things could change between now and then. Considering the last year, I make no promises…

If last summer’s overriding vision (before I started this blog) was of the tension and balance between severity and mercy, with true justice an ever-shifting balance point between them, then this year’s overriding vision is of iteration at scale. “As above, so below,” it is said in the esoteric traditions; self-similarity is the mathematical language for this same idea. (I’ve remembered again why I was so intensely interested in mathematics in college: it is, at its core, the science of abstracting patterns. With sufficiently advanced math one can explain, or at least describe, anything in the physical universe. It is – perhaps – the language in which Creation is written. I, alas, never gained any appreciable fluency. But oh, such a beautiful, powerful language…)

I have these notes I wrote on Monday and they made such sense at the time, and now I am trying to reconnect to wherever the spirit was leading me then that I simply did not have the luxury to follow in that moment.

Gini Courter’s sermon on Congregational Polity – because let’s face it, that’s what her final Moderator’s Report was – really gave me chills. Such a powerful speaker I was almost regretting my decision to follow the call into the ministry – she made that strong a case for lay leadership. But no. I am doing what I need to do. This is not that. But that, wow, that was potent stuff. And here is the iteration at scale again: Moderator Courter reflecting back to the delegates at GA the intensity of their own power, focused in the parabolic mirror of her office, and challenging those delegates to carry that light back to their own congregations and shine it back onto those that sent them. I think in our polity that is what leaders must be able to do: reflect back the vision and the power of those who lift them up into positions of authority.

And yes, it is fitting and proper and necessary to remind the rank and file, from time to time, that the light and vision they see in their leadership is their own, reflected.

There is more, but this is what makes sense right now.

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