Woven from countless strands

A great portion of my internet time this week has been spent on GA – the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association. This year the UU’s have been meeting in Louisville, KY, where I am not. A year ago I had been planning to make the trip – a pilgrimage if you like – but this spring it seemed necessary to not do that, in order to allocate my travel resources to go to Chicago in August to start seminary. So no GA for me this year, and probably not next year unless a logistical miracle happens.

Yesterday I wrote, someplace, that I needed to riffle through a week’s worth of conversations scattered across the internet and try to make sense of them in one place. That hasn’t happened yet. Input is coming through too fast for processing.

Before I dash off to church this morning in the rain, a few cryptic things I want to remember to write on:

  • Interfaith work: be who we are, where we are, and acknowledge the differences we really don’t like so much as well as the ones we are okay with. (Ware lecture)
  • The missional church – as it applies to Unitarian Universalism – needs a lot of theological and linguistic translation – (twitter stream from Saturday afternoon)
  • Need to watch the Service of the Living Tradition when the video goes up due to sad internet fail at church GA party – problem with technology is that it doesn’t always
  • Money and class – the white elephant in the UU living room. We are just fine with diversity as long as we are all educated upper-middle-class professionals or pretending to be same.

More later —

Edited to add: I thought I posted this Sunday morning but it never got out of draft. VERY much unfinished thoughts. My mind was still racing this morning (Monday) and I hope that something will crystalize soon.

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