All things in their own time

It was forecast to rain heavily today, but the weather has had other plans. We got the remnants of a tropical storm overnight; it had been expected to pass closer to shore or something, but today is mild and overcast with sun breaks and not too much rain. This is good for Spouse, who is off on a work weekend at the local Boy Scout camp and had not really looked forward to camping in a downpour.

I’d originally planned on showing up for the church workday, but that was cancelled due to the weather forecast, so I have one of those blank days where I could be getting so very much done if I knew where to start.

Tomorrow is Flower Communion Sunday in my home church and this year, as every year so far, it falls during the “intermission” in my garden between the spring bulbs and the summer perennials. Even the peonies are not in bloom this week, though their fat round buds crawling with ants will probably open up around Thursday if we get warm weather. I may have a suitable rosebud tomorrow morning; if so, I’ll bring that.

I spent awhile between showers trimming the rhododendrons in front of the house, because it is the right time to do that: after this spring’s blooms are spent, but before the new growth hardens and sets next year’s buds. There is a rhythm to gardening – which I love – and the last many years have been a grinding frustration because when it is Time to do a particular thing it has seemed always that I was either obliged by circumstance to be doing something else (which did not need to be done particularly then), or else was too exhausted to do anything. So many moments slip away… I long for the freedom to live into the moment and do what needs doing at the time and place it needs to be done.

But what to do with this moment? This now? What needs doing? There’s mundane stuff – I need to clean the kitchen and do some food prep while I have time to do it; also miscellaneous other housework. And I need to make my travel arrangements for August, which seems simultaneously to be far in the unimaginable future and also creeping up quickly.

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