Bits and scraps on the cusp of summer…

It has somehow become June when I was not paying attention. Already.

The weather has been fickle in Maine the last few weeks – unseasonably warm and dry in early May, then a cold raw wet spell (it snowed up in New Hampshire on Memorial Day weekend) and now less than a week later it is summer-hot and humid. The cats are melted into furry puddles on the floor and I am obsessing about clothes again. I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that I need to return a couple of dresses I just ordered on-line because they are a half size too small and there is no amount of industrial scaffolding that is going to make them look presentable, and now what on earth am I going to wear?

First world problems indeed.

It is hot and muggy and I hope we have a quorum for annual meeting tomorrow. I am considering whether to go over to the church early with a fan to try and get some of the morning’s cool air into the building before everyone else shows up. I am languidly hoping someone else has this idea AND the motivation and sense of responsibility to actually do it.

There is absolutely nothing in my closet that I want to wear to a two-hour meeting-and-worship-service in a hot crowded sanctuary and I can’t show up naked. We are liberal but not that liberal.

I am feeling a little bit stuck again. I need to get doing something but I’m not sure what. Oh, I have lists: the career assessment paperwork, people to call on the phone, the never-ending reading list… I think I am all sent on important emails, except that several of the ones I sent last month went unanswered and I am wavering between Not Being A Nag and actually asking for things to get taken care of.

I will give folks through Monday on the assumption that they were on vacation last week, and then perhaps I will pester them a bit.

Maybe I will go down cellar and paint tonight. It is cool down there, and I haven’t in awhile…

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