New Look

I’ve updated the header image to one I use elsewhere on the net. This is one step in de-anonymizing this space, just a little. Like pretty much everyone else using social media, I’m working on finding the right balance between public image and private life on this great thing we call the internet. Add in the reality that I am living, at the moment, in a transitional state: there are still a lot of people in my day to day life who don’t know yet about my seminary plans, either because I want to share it with them but haven’t pressed the opportunity, or because I’m not looking forward to their reactions; the latter group are mostly in my place of current employment, where I’m also in the liminal state of being not quite gone yet (and will not be gone for some months) and this not being common knowledge.

I’m starting not to care who knows what I’m getting up to. This is either a right thing, or a risky one.

The announcement to the church goes out in this week’s newsletter. I want it out there before Annual Meeting, which is next Sunday.

General announcement at the office won’t be until some time in July, after the end of the Fiscal Year and associated chaos.

I need to figure out my travel plans for fall convocation, and this means getting an email back from the school office regarding the schedule for those three days so I can look into booking airfare and room space…

If you’d’ve told me a year ago…

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