Drive by posting

There are so many interesting conversations I would like to continue this week, but there have not been enough hours.

    Things I did accomplish:

  • Spent Wednesday evening in a brainstorming meeting for Theme Based Ministry, which my home church is moving into next church year. Volunteered self for “resource circle” of people who will help the minister and worship team come up with material for each theme, once those have been decided.
  • Spent Thursday evening in choir rehearsal, as always. We sang two Sundays in a row this month. Once more, in mid-June, and then we are done until after Labor Day.
  • Spent an agonizing amount of time filling out my career assessment application. NOT the enormous bundle of paper they need to start the assessment, which is scheduled for this fall, just the application that I should have sent in two weeks ago.
  • Wrote a short, nondescript little notice for the church newsletter as to my future intentions, in the hope that I have not missed the deadline and it will go out before Annual Meeting in June, so I can quit sitting on this thing.
  • And I spent nearly all of Saturday catching up on lost sleep.

Now. Off to my day job, in the rain, and another week of juggling emails and commitments and trying, somehow, to fit all the good parts in.

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