Another drive-by

Sweet, blessed rain washing the pollen out of the sky. The humidity is not great for my breathing either, but I’ll take it.

Day job is eating my soul. Church is eating my time. Still haven’t mentioned seminary to mother-in-law, who is out of hospital and in a rehab center for now. Still lots of work to be done getting their lives back into order.

I really, really need to get off the Book of Face and engage in some long-form introspection. Wrote a couple of difficult but necessary emails this week; still have some processing to do there.

And, so help me, I’ve volunteered to lead service the week before fall convocation. Need to come up with a topic…

One thing at a time. Breathe. Just… freakin’ breathe…

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2 Responses to Another drive-by

  1. penfrea says:

    My heart went out to you when I read this post. I’ve spent a lot of time feeling that kind of pressure. God bless.

  2. Peter says:

    Been there mucho tiempo. It is no picnic. I think the Buddhist folks have it right that the object (to heavily paraphrase) of what we would call a spiritual journey is to strip away the accretions and Find the authentic self. In the meantime, we live with the semi- or in- or whatever- self in whatever peace we can make. And you’re right about the Book of Face… 😉

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