Drive-by posting

Easter should not fall at the end of the accounting quarter.

In the last two weeks, have worked six hours overtime at my day job and spent three hours at orchestra practice in addition to the four hours I would have spent at choir practice anyway.

Easter music turned out beautifully. Not perfect, a couple of false starts, but glorious all the same.

Also in the last two weeks I announced my seminary plans to the Leadership Council at church (the committee of committee chairs, which I’ve been on for the last three or four years now) by way of explanation why I’ve been so hinky and noncommittal about what I plan to be doing next year.

I also had a conversation with my day-job supervisor, in the context of my annual review, about my long range plans — which went as well as I had hoped it would and not nearly as bad as I had feared it might. I work with good people, and she appreciated both the uncertainty and the long-range warning that she will be needing to find someone else to take on what I am doing, probably in a few months. I still don’t know what’s going to happen with Spouse’s job.

And I had an exchange of emails with my mom, to the same effect, which also went more smoothly than anticipated.

At this rate, the only people to tell are my inlaws. Not looking forward to that, either.

This is coming together in strange and wonderous ways.

It’s early, but I’m worn out and I don’t get Easter Monday off to recover. Go bed now.

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