Shifting sands, shifting plans.

I had intended to be “down south” tonight but stormy weather changed the schedule at the conference I was planning to attend, so I am home. I could have gone to choir practice, but I had already excused myself for the travel, and they need to practice without me because for Easter I cannot be in two places at once, and so I can either sing alto or play flute but not both simultaneously. The Occasional Orchestra has practiced without me, but I am a choir regular and they need to practice without me once in awhile.

They aren’t going to have me forever, because I will be somewhere else doing other things when the time comes.

I’ve been dawdling about sending in my paperwork for school. Still worried about the money, particularly if I stop working to study full time as I would prefer. Office work has been frustrating and busy lately and I am emotionally very much done with being there, but I still have half a year or more before I expect to leave. It may end up being easier after I have The Conversation with my boss, who as far as I know is not aware of my intention to move on. Something along the lines of “You need to start thinking about who you’re going to ask me to train on this job…”

There was going to be more thought here, but Spouse got home earlier than I expected and needed attention. We’re going to have to renegotiate this “I will stop what I’m doing and pay attention to you when you want it” thing, because there is going to be a time when I’m really not available on demand. (Spouse is not very demanding, but is used to being the default agent of decision for what we do and when, and this is also going to have to change.)

Life is going to be interesting going forward from here.

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