Drive by posting

They said yes.  

Things to do:

Figure out how to pay for this.

Figure out how to explain this to boss.

Figure out how to explain this to parents.

And in-laws.

… and rational self, which is screaming bloody murder and we aren’t even on the roller coaster at the moment.

Hallelujah.  Holy s–t.





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2 Responses to Drive by posting

  1. Yes, yes, yes, yes. I could have written this post (except the boss part). Leaning hard right now on those who have been there, including my minister. Her advice: just stop thinking about it. Stop analyzing. Stop trying to get it to make sense. Just go, and do, and trust, and see what happens. And honestly, that’s about all I feel fit to do with this right now–I have applied all the logic I have, and keep coming back to 1. this is insane, and 2. I can’t not do it.

    Are you going in March at all? I’m taking UU Polity.

    • C. says:

      I’m full time employed and not starting classes until fall term – I know I could start this summer, but I’m working in a short-staffed office and getting off the week for July intensive and THEN the week for August convocation is not likely to happen.

      I think first I have to let them know my days in there are numbered… I like my job, but my Other Boss is calling…

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