All done but the mailing

I have written, I have reviewed, I have revised, I have repeated. The application is as finished as it is going to get. It ought to have been mailed days ago; I was going to take it to the post office on Saturday but we had, as we say, a bit of weather in these parts, and so I will be going to the post office first thing tomorrow morning to send it out priority mail and hope it gets to a particular address before close of business Friday.

I’ve been focused for the last month on getting this application assembled. I am trusting that it is what it needs to be, and that whatever answer comes back will be the right answer for the moment.

This, O Universe – This or better. May it be so.

I am strangely calm about this.

Perhaps the cold meds have something to do with it. I’ve caught the local respiratory virus which made singing this morning a challenge. But we did have a choir quorum show up for services this morning despite the snow (about 2 feet locally, from Friday morning thru Saturday afternoon), so we sang. Stewardship Sunday was postponed until next week, which gives me a few more days to further truncate my requested testimonial that threatens to turn into a sermon every time I touch it. As I said to the minister this morning, I am not preaching the sermon for stewardship, this is not my job, but this piece of writing is not cooperating. I am very glad she has a sense of humor.

I am grateful for OTC cold meds. I am grateful that we only got two feet of snow instead of three; I am grateful that we only got gale force winds instead of hurricane force winds. I am grateful that we have heat and did not lose power and are not stuck in the house. I am grateful that as far as I know, nobody I know has fallen off the roof or gotten appendages mangled in the snowblower this storm. I am absurdly grateful for peppermint tea and instant hot cocoa mix.

I am ambivalently grateful about having a job to go to tomorrow; I would rather be sleeping off my festival of snot. But my supervisor is already out sick, and one of us needs to be there to get done the work that needs to be done, and I am a sucker for that sort of thing, so I will at least show up and do the essential stuff and see if I still feel craptacular enough to get sent home. But I will be late coming in, because I have to go to the post office first.

It’s not like I could have gone on Saturday. I’m not sure they were open, but there’s no way I could have gotten down there. Or, if I had, there’s no way I’d’ve got back up this hill.

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