Still Winter

There’s another big storm bearing down on New England this weekend. Last week the temperatures were well above normal and melted off the whole snowpack; the week before that it was bitterly cold. What can I say? It’s winter; it happens a little differently every year but every year it happens.

I have not been blogging lately. Brain is fried, soul is tired, feeling disconnected from everything. I am pushing the deadline for getting my application mailed, and with the storm coming I don’t expect to get to the post office on Saturday morning, but if I send it priority rate on Monday it should get to its destination on time. I still need to sit down with it and be productive and organized (if I don’t have the discipline to get an application together on time, how am I going to live this life?) but I am so damned tired it’s not funny.

(I also need to write “a few words” because I was asked to speak – briefly – this week for Stewardship Sunday. And I need to get back to my flute and start practicing the music for Easter, such as it is. And there are a few other things not related to my seminary application that are also cluttering around my life with deadlines attached to them.)

I need to make some silence and solitude. Actually, first, before that, I need to get caught up on lost sleep. THEN I need to do some life maintenance and organization. THEN I need to catch up on lost sleep some more, and THEN after that I need to make some silence and solitude so I can figure out where in all this pile of chaotic mess I have misplaced the — what do I call it? That thing I am looking for. Whatever it is. I will know it when I see it.

It is waiting in a quiet place.

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