Drive-by posting

Things I didn’t plan to say this week:

“Hi, $DIRECTOR, got a minute? Sorry I was vague yesterday [when you encouraged me to do professional development.] I didn’t want to have this conversation in the open office because I don’t want to start rumors. $MY_BOSS doesn’t know I’m in the middle of applying to divinity school, and I don’t want to have that conversation until I have a better idea of how things are going to go – if I get accepted in the first place, if I get enough financial aid to make full time study possible, whether or not $MY_SPOUSE gets laid off because one of us has to be working full time for the insurance… The soonest I would be going anywhere would be this fall, but it’s just as likely to be a year and a half or two year before anything changes, and this job is my backup plan and I don’t want to freak $MY_BOSS out if I end up needing to work here for another couple of years….”

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