One Intentional Step at a Time.

Reference letters: requested. Three of four waiver forms given or sent to people gracious enough to give references. (Last ask was this morning, form to be delivered later this week.)

One inquisitive friend reminding me that I Owe Her a Conversation. Yes, this will happen, but not in the middle of choir practice OR in the crowded vestibule between services of a Sunday morning.

Am debating whether to attend interfaith speaker breakfast tomorrow (MLK day event.) On the one hand, speakers look interesting (Wabanaki Truth & Reconciliation Commission), but on the other hand it’s at 9:00 in the morning on my day off that I was hoping to use for a writing day, but on the third hand it’s been strongly hinted that this is the kind of thing I really should seriously consider attending because They Do Ask About This, but on the fourth hand, wearing clothes and being functional at 9:00 in the morning on my day off…

I need to make time to write the application paper. All the references in the world will not do me any good if I don’t write the application paper. And mail it in. On time.

So of course what’s my head full of today but the blog post I didn’t get around to working on last week, and a song that is trying to compose itself and I do not really have time to write lyrics this weekend, and an insatiable urge to clean house which I only do when I am procrastinating something.

But it all goes together, somehow, this feeling my way through by littles. I have made the choice to be intentional about all these little decisions and try to take aim, in the moment, whenever possible, in the direction of the person I would like to be five years from now instead of the person I was five years ago (not that there was anything wrong with that person!) Today that meant ironing my new pants, and it also means taking a measurement on a pair of pants that are not too long so I can hem the new pants so I don’t step on them.

And I have the sneaking suspicion that it’s going to mean putting on something besides pajamas tomorrow morning and figuring out where that presentation is. Still working on that one. Spirit is willing, flesh is more interested in pajamas and a nice cup of coffee and farting around on the internet.

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