The Land of Short Little Posts

I feel slightly guilty for not posting something more substantial this week. But only slightly, because I am doing some incrementally productive things and I am perpetually surprised by how hard I have to push myself to take the tiniest of steps.

And then every so often I turn around and look where those tiny steps have gotten me.

Today’s tiny step was faxing off the transcript request form to my undergrad alma mater.

Last night I printed off and filled out waiver forms for letters of recommendation. And found the requisite number of envelopes.

Tonight, I get to rummage around in my billfold and find enough stamps to send requests and include stamped envelopes. There is a peculiar formality to this whole process; so few things are done on paper anymore but this is one of them. I am reminded of — of other rituals, where we do things the old way on purpose, because it is the old way and that is how the thing is done. I also need to write little notes to include with the form and reply envelope, because people are doing me favors (and I am embarrassed to have asked anyone for an academic reference since I took a look at my transcript. Ow.)

Tomorrow’s little step is getting the out-of-town recommendation request forms into the mail.

Still to go: making the last “Would you be willing to write a reference letter?” request, getting the local request forms (and envelopes) to the right people, finishing the application form (including resume) and I probably need to include some narrative about that dismal transcript too.

Oh, and the terrifyingly important application essay, which I keep thinking I know how to start right until I sit down and try to start writing it.

Holy granola. I still can’t believe I’m trying to do this.

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