Back to the grind

Holidays are done for awhile, at least for those of us not on the traditional Christian liturgical calendar – Spouse had the decorations put away before I woke up on New Year’s day. And back to full time day job and choir practice means a lot less time for things like surfing the internet and deep reflection. (Sometimes it’s hard for an outside observer to see the difference.)

I spent my net time yesterday composing an email to a bunch of people I should have talked to awhile ago. I am reminded again that people are better than I fear they are; that most of us are mostly decent most of the time, and that community not only happens but I’m allowed to have some and it is so very good and beautiful. I do, still, need to ask for letters of reference, but that’s a bit less daunting at this moment than it was a week ago.

It has been bitter cold the last day or two, sub-zero Farenheit at night, barely higher in the afternoon, with a bitter wind that cuts through everything you have on, even the walls. After the above-normal temps we had last month it is brutal and like everything else in the last half year I am not ready for this either. Ready or not, here is is, and what is there to do but deal with it?

In between not going outside because too damn cold, and running out of things to read on the internets, I have gone back to the denominational required reading list. Because it’s there. I imagine I will hit all of this stuff again before it’s all done but it gives me something productive to fidget with while waiting. Not precisely sure what I am waiting for at this moment, but when the time comes I will know.

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