It’s been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon…

Okay, really it hasn’t. I didn’t realize it had been nearly a week since I posted here.

My time outside of employment has been full up with the usual seasonal things: shopping for last minute gifts, family gatherings, the interminable making of stuff for people, and also music practice for the Christmas Eve services tomorrow. I am only responsible for showing up and playing my part, and at this point in the year that is plenty really.

So I get Tuesday, Christmas day, off… and then I get to send an email to the music committee reminding them we have a meeting scheduled for early January, and I need to review the committee budget request and send that off before the end of the year, and I need to review a couple of other church-related things and get them back to the appropriate people. And I need to spend some time staring at the blank screen where the divinity school application essay has not written itself, and freak out a bit more at the prospect of asking people to write letters of reference, because that is so far the very hardest part of this entire project, the one that threatens to send me hiding under the table again.

Except that it shouldn’t be hard, I should just buck up and get over it, I’m too insecure for this and… Hello-o-o-o there, Gaping Maw of Inadequacy! I see what you did there! I am not visiting you today, bugger off please and thank you.

Yeah. I can see this is going to take awhile.

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