Not again.

I haven’t got anything to say about this week’s shootings – the school in Connecticut just this morning, and a few days ago the mall in Oregon that I used to shop at from time to time. I imagine that I should, somehow, have some appropriate words. I don’t.

Who does? I’ve looked around the internet for them, sure someone somewhere has answers I can use. (There are plenty of answers I have no use for, naturally.)

In time there will be determinations of fact – who said what, who did what, maybe even a reconstructed chain of thoughts as to how this particular incident of violence came to pass. We will be assured by voices of authority that these are isolated incidents, the unfortunate consequence of disturbed persons being in a wrong place at a wrong time.

But there is something deeper in the pattern of these shatterings of peace, and I cannot quite articulate the sense of what it is. Perhaps it is our collective fundamental brokenness erupting, a symptom rather than a cause.

I do not know, and doubt I ever will.

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