December Things

December is busy.

Today was the last choir Sunday until January – lots of beautiful music, good attendance, too warm a space. Today was also the Cookie Walk, organized by our youth, which I missed because I ducked out between services to pick up someone who needs a ride. (I joke about having “Church Bus Duty” but there is a need and I have a station wagon.) The cookie walk is a fund raiser by the RE program – this year the kids decided to donate the cookie walk proceeds to disaster relief. This is the first year I’ve managed to get something baked in time for that, and I forgot to retrieve my storage container afterward but it’s not like I won’t be back at church at least once before next Sunday.

During the welcome in the second service one of our youth came out as transgender, introduced by her mom with her new name. She’s becoming a lovely young woman. It’s a blessing and a privilege to be part of a community that’s safe for someone entering into this particular journey. So many places aren’t.

I’ve mentioned in my other internet haunts that I’ve taken up flute again after about twenty years. The fingers still have it; the lips, not so much. I am out of practice, far from perfect, but I did get through last week (we had a flute duet with the choir) and that was well-enough received that I volunteered to play with a small ensemble for services on Christmas Eve. Finally got the music today although I’m not really sure which pieces we’re playing. It’s good to play again; I’d gotten away from it as a teenager and come to believe that I wasn’t good enough at it to play where other people could hear me. So this is an exercise in sharing what gifts I have, imperfect though they may be, and not getting too hung up on the imperfections. What is it they say? “The perfect is the enemy of the good (enough).”

All of this busy-ness makes it hard to steal time for reflection, but I get every now and then little sparkles, like sunlight through the ice that isn’t there yet this year (we are having an unusually warm December so far.) A lot of them seem to be my subconscious coming to reconciliation with some of the traditional Christian language that comes up around this time of year.

Thought for the moment: We are the Incarnation of the Holy.

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