They’re coming….

One of the things I appreciate about the WordPress platform is the ability to hold drafts of ideas until I have a chance to finish them. I have four or five interesting things I would like to be writing about.

Instead, I’m having a cup of leftover coffee and getting ready to go over to the church to help with leaf raking and fall cleanup, followed by a meeting. All of which are preferable to being woken up by a phone call from my mother-in-law wanting to orchestrate Thanksgiving.

I am trying to be grateful for the family that I acquired when I chose Spouse. Most of them are great, most of the time, but there are a couple of people I struggle with, and it’s getting to be that season when I have too much stuff I’m drawn to do, to be spending time and spoons on doing things I don’t want to do in the company people I don’t like to be around to please people whose opinions I don’t much care for.

I do it because Spouse isn’t willing to risk the conflict and drama that would come with declaring a holiday boycott. Spouse, for his own part, is not enthusiastic about the whole festive holiday drama family thing either, but because his family of origin live mostly within 20 miles of here, we spend a lot more time being dutiful children than either of us would prefer.

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