The morning after

Like so many people I was awake far too late into the night, had a sleepless internet moment, and then got up early this morning to check results of the US election.

I am more relieved than anything else – relieved that President Obama has been re-elected, relieved at the winners for Maine’s congressional delegation, relieved that both houses of the state legislature have gone to the Democrats even if we still have two years left with an incendiary right-wing Republican governor. I don’t know how much is going to get done at the state house the next two years, but sometimes gridlock is better than careening off in a dangerous direction.

I am quietly delighted, however, that Proposition 1 has been approved, permitting civil marriage equality. I checked, and I’m still just as (heterosexually) married this morning as I was two days ago; now I share the joy that several friends and colleagues will be able to have the same legal privileges I do, if they choose to do so (once the measure is certified and the waiting period passes – probably in January.) I expect there will be a line out the door and around the block at our little brown UU church when the time comes.

I am grateful for people like one of my coworkers – white, male, late 60’s, probably Catholic as far as I know – who commented quietly to me as we headed out of work on Tuesday, that he figured if two people showed up to the local Catholic church and Father Bob said he couldn’t marry them, they were welcome to go try somewhere else as far as he cared, since it wasn’t like other people’s sins were going on his permanent record.

As we say up here in Maine, can’t beat that with a stick.

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