It can’t be midnight again. Yet.

I really was going to write this evening and then go to bed early; last night I was up very late reading something fascinating. I wish I could remember now what it was.

I appear to have done the same thing again tonight.

Part of it is that it is so much easier to read after Spouse goes to sleep – much less chance of my train of thought being interrupted. And I have always been a night owl. But morning comes early, and I was dragging at my day job today because I stayed up reading theology again — that’s what it was, now I remember: a couple of things off the required reading list, and then I was link-surfing on Wikipedia not because it’s a reliable source, but because it can give me definitions of the unfamiliar words and the general shape of some of the concepts behind them… At this point, I am working on “educated layperson’s working knowledge of the universe and everything in it” again.

In other words, trying to read the whole internet.

When I remember what I was thinking about this afternoon, I’ll draft that post. It was too busy and chaotic for me to make notes today. Everything I touched, if it didn’t land on my desk late, weird, or broken, was some combination of the aforementioned before I was done with it. I think I fixed most of it, but there are days…

I need to sleep more this week or I am going to be useless before I get a chance to make up the deficit.

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