Church Will Eat Your Life

Church work – paid or volunteer – will eat your life if you let it. There is always, always, always more to be done than there are hours to do it in or people and money to do it with. It is never finished; the more you give, the more need there is. Learn where your limits are, and say no.

I had this conversation with our new music director after choir rehearsal this evening. It seemed necessary. We have the big interfaith service supporting marriage equality coming up on Sunday afternoon, and our church choir is the core of the community choir that will be singing for this. If you’re in Augusta, it’s Sunday at 3, either in Capitol Park (by the State House) if weather permits, or if it’s too nasty out we’ll be at South Parish Congregational (corner of Bridge and State, good luck finding parking.)

It will be fine, but it’s been a bit hectic for a new hire to jump into the middle of planning and executing this kind of thing. Communication has been, mmm, human and imperfect. I have not been involved in this project except as a choir member – I’ve had enough on my mind without getting another super busy thing happening – but I’m starting to wonder if it’s been a missed opportunity.

Then again, on the other other hand, church will eat my life if I let it. There will be other opportunities for interfaith work; right now I really do need to guard my unscheduled time and do the work that nobody else can take care of, which is figuring out who I am becoming and how to get there from here.

I am trying to cultivate gratitude in imperfect situations. Tonight, I am really grateful that the road destruction and storm sewer project will eventually be finished and it will not take me 20 minutes to go two miles. It would almost be faster to walk, but the trip is up hill both ways.

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