It is too soon for spring

It is too early for spring to be here yet. It’s still March. It could snow again at any time.

But nearly all the snowpack is melted off, and the ground is mostly bare mud and dead grass, with little tips of things starting to sprout.

The crocuses are up in front of the church.

If it stays this warm the apple trees will bloom too soon, and a late frost will destroy the crop like it did a couple of years ago.

I need to go clean last fall’s garden debris out of the yard before this year’s crop of garden debris starts coming up.

There are new tenants in the house on the next block over. They have taken to climbing out the windows and sitting on the porch roof in the sunshine.

I wonder if the tenants in the house between them and us remember the pink blanket that got left on the garage roof during the hurricane last summer and is still up there. (Why was there a pink blanket left on the garage roof during a hurricane? Kids. Why were there kids on the garage roof during a hurricane? For this I have no explanation.)

It is a bit too soon for spring this year. Winter could come back at any time.

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